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August 26, 2022


Deep mutational scanning identifies SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid escape mutations of currently available rapid antigen tests

  • Filipp Frank,
  • Meredith M. Keen,
  • Anuradha Rao,
  • Leda Bassit,
  • Xu Liu,
  • Heather B. Bowers,
  • Anamika B. Patel,
  • Michael L. Cato,
  • Julie A. Sullivan,
  • Morgan Greenleaf,
  • Anne Piantadosi,
  • Wilbur A. Lam,
  • William H. Hudson,
  • Eric A. Ortlund
First published:August 26, 2022
Open Access
SARS-CoV-2 variants can disrupt the efficacy of rapid antigen tests. By developing a high-throughput mammalian surface display platform to measure direct binding of diagnostic antibodies, all possible Nucleocapsid point mutations in past, present, and future variants were evaluated for their potential to affect the performance of these diagnostics tests.

August 22, 2022


Extracellular pH sensing by plant cell-surface peptide-receptor complexes

  • Li Liu,
  • Wen Song,
  • Shijia Huang,
  • Kai Jiang,
  • Yoshitaka Moriwaki,
  • Yichuan Wang,
  • Yongfan Men,
  • Dan Zhang,
  • Xing Wen,
  • Zhifu Han,
  • Jijie Chai,
  • Hongwei Guo
First published:August 22, 2022
Cell-surface peptide-receptor complexes RGF1-RGFR and Pep1-PEPR function as pH sensors to regulate extracellular pH-mediated growth and immunity in root apical meristem region in Arabidopsis.

Distinct transcriptome architectures underlying lupus establishment and exacerbation

  • Masahiro Nakano,
  • Mineto Ota,
  • Yusuke Takeshima,
  • Yukiko Iwasaki,
  • Hiroaki Hatano,
  • Yasuo Nagafuchi,
  • Takahiro Itamiya,
  • Junko Maeda,
  • Ryochi Yoshida,
  • Saeko Yamada,
  • Aya Nishiwaki,
  • Haruka Takahashi,
  • Hideyuki Takahashi,
  • Yuko Akutsu,
  • Takeshi Kusuda,
  • Hiroyuki Suetsugu,
  • Lu Liu,
  • Kwangwoo Kim,
  • Xianyong Yin,
  • So-Young Bang,
  • Yong Cui,
  • Hye-Soon Lee,
  • Hirofumi Shoda,
  • Xuejun Zhang,
  • Sang-Cheol Bae,
  • Chikashi Terao,
  • Kazuhiko Yamamoto,
  • Tomohisa Okamura,
  • Kazuyoshi Ishigaki,
  • Keishi Fujio
First published:August 22, 2022
A large-scale transcriptome analysis of 27 immune cell types from systemic lupus erythematous patients and healthy controls reveals two distinct pathological signatures of disease establishment and exacerbation, which could be informative for drug target discovery.

August 19, 2022


Personalized microbiome-driven effects of non-nutritive sweeteners on human glucose tolerance

  • Jotham Suez,
  • Yotam Cohen,
  • Rafael Valdés-Mas,
  • Uria Mor,
  • Mally Dori-Bachash,
  • Sara Federici,
  • Niv Zmora,
  • Avner Leshem,
  • Melina Heinemann,
  • Raquel Linevsky,
  • Maya Zur,
  • Rotem Ben-Zeev Brik,
  • Aurelie Bukimer,
  • Shimrit Eliyahu-Miller,
  • Alona Metz,
  • Ruthy Fischbein,
  • Olga Sharov,
  • Sergey Malitsky,
  • Maxim Itkin,
  • Noa Stettner,
  • Alon Harmelin,
  • Hagit Shapiro,
  • Christoph K. Stein-Thoeringer,
  • Eran Segal,
  • Eran Elinav
First published:August 19, 2022
A study of the effects of non-nutritive sweeteners on human metabolism as well as their microbiomes reveals how these can induce individual-specific, microbiome-dependent changes to glycemic responses, warranting follow-up clinical studies to understand long-term impact.

August 18, 2022


Sustained deep-tissue voltage recording using a fast indicator evolved for two-photon microscopy

  • Zhuohe Liu,
  • Xiaoyu Lu,
  • Vincent Villette,
  • Yueyang Gou,
  • Kevin L. Colbert,
  • Shujuan Lai,
  • Sihui Guan,
  • Michelle A. Land,
  • Jihwan Lee,
  • Tensae Assefa,
  • Daniel R. Zollinger,
  • Maria M. Korympidou,
  • Anna L. Vlasits,
  • Michelle M. Pang,
  • Sharon Su,
  • Changjia Cai,
  • Emmanouil Froudarakis,
  • Na Zhou,
  • Saumil S. Patel,
  • Cameron L. Smith,
  • Annick Ayon,
  • Pierre Bizouard,
  • Jonathan Bradley,
  • Katrin Franke,
  • Thomas R. Clandinin,
  • Andrea Giovannucci,
  • Andreas S. Tolias,
  • Jacob Reimer,
  • Stéphane Dieudonné,
  • François St-Pierre
First published:August 18, 2022
Open Access
Engineering of a fast, sensitive, bright and photostable genetically encoded voltage indicator optimized for two-photon microscopy enables deep-tissue optical recording of rapid voltage dynamics over tens of minutes.

August 8, 2022


Monkeypox emergency: Urgent questions and perspectives

  • Stefan Rothenburg,
  • Zhilong Yang,
  • Pip Beard,
  • Sara L. Sawyer,
  • Boghuma Titanji,
  • Gregg Gonsalves,
  • Jason Kindrachuk
First published:August 08, 2022
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we now face another public health emergency in the form of monkeypox virus. As of August 1, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report over 23,000 cases in 80 countries. An inclusive and global collaborative effort to understand the biology, evolution, and spread of the virus as well as commitment to vaccine equity will be critical toward containing this outbreak. We share the voices of leading experts in this space on what they see as the most pressing questions and directions for the community.

August 1, 2022


Post-gastrulation synthetic embryos generated ex utero from mouse naive ESCs

  • Shadi Tarazi,
  • Alejandro Aguilera-Castrejon,
  • Carine Joubran,
  • Nadir Ghanem,
  • Shahd Ashouokhi,
  • Francesco Roncato,
  • Emilie Wildschutz,
  • Montaser Haddad,
  • Bernardo Oldak,
  • Elidet Gomez-Cesar,
  • Nir Livnat,
  • Sergey Viukov,
  • Dmitry Lokshtanov,
  • Segev Naveh-Tassa,
  • Max Rose,
  • Suhair Hanna,
  • Calanit Raanan,
  • Ori Brenner,
  • Merav Kedmi,
  • Hadas Keren-Shaul,
  • Tsvee Lapidot,
  • Itay Maza,
  • Noa Novershtern,
  • Jacob H. Hanna
First published:August 01, 2022
Open Access
Post-gastrulation stages of development with organ progenitors and complex extra-embryonic compartments are achieved ex utero entirely from assembled naive mouse embryonic stem cells.