Presubmission Inquiries

Articles published in Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism (TEM) are generally commissioned by the Editor, but unsolicited proposals are also welcome. If you are a prospective author, please send your inquiry directly to the Editor ([email protected]).

For Review and Opinion article proposals, please provide us with the following details:

1) Co-author names and affiliations.

2) A point-by-point summary (300-600 words) outlining what you will be discussing in the article and why it is timely.

3) A list of 10-20 key recent references, mostly research articles that were published in the past 2-4 years (not reviews), that indicate the intended breadth and balance of the proposed article.

4) Please also include a list of up to 10 papers from yourself and/or co-authors to illustrate your research background and authoritativeness on the proposed topic.

If your proposal is invited forward to formal submission at TEM, the Editor will provide you guidelines and further details on manuscript preparation.

**Please, kindly note that because the Editor travels often, there might be occasions where a reply to your email will be delayed by a few days. We thank you for your understanding**

Please note that full-length manuscripts sent without prior consultation will not be considered.