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Access all content from Cell Press journals* for $7.99


Read-It-Now offers a new way to access and read Cell Press articles. For a low cost, it offers access to all Cell Press journal content in an HTML read-only format.

This is a pilot program and is subject to change without notice.

*Access is to the HTML version of articles in Cell Press journals. PDF downloads and PDF-only articles are not included. Society partner journals are not included.

What is Read-It-Now?

Read-It-Now allows anyone to access the Cell Press journal articles at a low cost, on a time-limited, HTML-view-only basis. Browse and read all Cell Press journals for 6 hours for $3.99 USD. 36 hour access is $7.99 USD.  Access excludes society partner journals. The Read-It-Now license does not include the PDF of articles, and articles cannot be saved or printed.

Who should use this mode of article access?

If you do not have access to Cell Press journals through a personal subscription or an affiliation with a university or a research institute, you can buy time to browse and read all Cell Press published content. Access excludes society partner journals. Access all Cell Press research journal content for 6 hours for $3.99 USD. 36 hour access is $7.99 USD.

How does Read-It-Now work?

From this website, click the “Purchase” button for either the 6 hour or the 36 hour option. This will add the offer to your shopping cart, and you can check out with a credit card. You will first need to login, or create a user account if you do not have one. You will have immediate access to the content once the transaction is completed. The access window (6 or 36 hour) also starts immediately.

What articles can I access with this license?

You can access the HTML version of all Cell Press journals. There is no limit on the number of articles that you read while the license is active. This excludes our partner society journals. HTML access does not include PDF downloads. Note that almost all papers prior to 1996 are PDF only.

What if I want to read the PDF version of an article?

When a Read-It-Now license is active, it is not possible to access the PDF of an article with the same log in account. 

For open-access, open-archive, and other free articles in participating journals, you can click the “Volume #, Issue #” hyperlink at the top of an article screen; this will bring you to the relevant table of contents, which will include a link to the PDF of the article. Alternatively, you can logout and then access the PDF. 

To access the PDF for other articles, you can log in after the expiration of your Read-It-Now license and then choose the “PDF Download and 24 Hours Online Access” option to purchase the PDF of a specific article. Alternatively, you can click the “View this article on ScienceDirect” link below the article in order to purchase PDF access on the ScienceDirect platform.

Why is the program a “pilot”?

This is a new way of offering access to our content. As such, we are eager to learn from the experience and hear your feedback. With any thoughts, questions, or concerns, please contact us at the support center.

Once I have completed my purchase, why does the confirmation email mention subscriptions, pay-per-view, and PDF download? 

We currently have a single confirmation email that covers all purchases; thus, some of the details will not pertain to the Read-It-Now license. As stated above, the license and price will be clearly stated at the top of the email confirmation.

How can I contact Cell Press with questions or feedback?

Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about Read-It-Now. You can reach us at the support center.