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Rights, sharing, and embargo policies

Rights and sharing

Cell Press supports responsible sharing. We recognize that authors want to share their papers and we encourage this. Find out how you can share your paper here:

There are, however, some differences between Elsevier's general policies and those of Cell Press. Most Cell Press articles are under a press embargo until the article is published because we generate substantial media coverage for relevant articles. We therefore discourage authors of press-embargoed articles from posting their accepted manuscripts on a personal homepage or blog prior to publication. For articles that are not under a press embargo, such postings are allowed.

We are happy to consider manuscripts previously posted on preprint servers such as arXiv, bioRxiv, BioRN, ChiRxiv, ChiRN, or SSRN. Some of our journals, including Cell Genomics, Cell Reports, Current Biology, and iScience, also support direct submission of manuscripts from bioRxiv and/or medRxiv via transfer of manuscript files and metadata to the journal's Editorial Manager site. Our support for posting of preprints only applies to the original submitted version of the manuscript; we do not support posting to preprint servers revisions that respond to editorial input and peer review or final accepted manuscripts. Once your paper is published, we encourage you to update the preprint record with a link to the final published article. Please see our prepublication publicity policies for more information on sharing your work at the prepublication stage.

Manuscripts are considered for publication with the understanding that no part of the work has been published previously in print or electronic format and the paper is not under consideration by another publication or electronic medium. Upon official acceptance of a manuscript, authors will be asked to complete a "Journal Publishing Agreement." To complete this step, we will send an email to the corresponding author confirming receipt of the manuscript together with a "Journal Publishing Agreement" form or a link to the online version of this agreement. For open access articles, authors retain copyright of their work, which is published under a Creative Commons license. Please see more details in the table below, and do not hesitate to contact your journal team if you have any questions whatsoever.

Embargo periods and open access fees

For authors submitting from January 2021 onwards all Cell Press journals offer an open access publishing option. We have a range of journals that are either full open access, where all articles are published on an open access basis, or hybrid open access, which offer a choice between subscription and open access publishing.

Authors of papers published by Cell Press can share their accepted manuscript (the post-peer-review version that does not incorporate copy editing and proofing) via non-commercial hosting platforms, such as their institutional repository, after a posting embargo period has elapsed (this is distinct from the press embargo mentioned above). The posting embargo period begins with the publication date of the issue in which the article appears. For open access articles, authors may post the accepted manuscript as soon as the article is published in a journal issue. For articles published on a subscription basis, authors may deposit the accepted manuscript once the relevant journal posting embargo period (see below) has passed.

The table below shows the posting embargo periods for Cell Press journals as well as the relevant open access fees for new submissions as of January 1, 2021.

Equity and inclusion in open access publication

Cell Press open access and hybrid research journals support open access publication for groups of authors from Research4Life (R4L) countries. For papers where all of the authors are from a Group A and/or Group B R4L country we will grant a waiver or discount of the standard publishing fee, as appropriate. For fully open access journals the R4L eligibility check will be automatic. For hybrid journals please highlight your situation to the journal team during the submission process so we can adjust accordingly.

If authors from other countries find the publishing fee associated with an open access journal challenging to cover and can show that this is because of a lack of research funding, we will consider individual reduction and waiver requests on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any questions about these provisions please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Learn more about publishing open access at Cell Press here.

Journal Open access fee (GBP, EURO, USD)
(excluding taxes)
Posting embargo period
(subscription articles)
Full open access
Biophysical Reports cover Biophysical Reports £1,600, €1,700, $2,000 for research and review articles
£1,440, €1,530, $1,800 for society members
£470, €530, $600 for letters
£423, €477, $540 for letters for society members
Cell Genomics cover Cell Genomics £7,000, €7,600, $8,900
special introductory fee: £3,500, €3,800, $4,450
Cell Reports £4,100, €4,500, $5,200 None
Cell Reports Medicine cover Cell Reports Medicine £4,100, €4,500, $5,200 None
Cell Reports Methods cover Cell Reports Methods £4,100, €4,500, $5,200 None
Cell Reports Physical Science cover Cell Reports Physical Science £4,100, €4,500, $5,200 None
Heliyon cover Heliyon £1,530, €1,710, $1,950 None
HGG Advances cover Human Genetics and Genomics Advances £2,590, €2,890, $3,300
£2,072, €2,312, $2,640 for society members
iScience cover iScience £2,400, €2,600, $3,000 None
Molecular Therapy - Methods & Clinical Development cover Molecular Therapy - Methods & Clinical Development £3,100, €3,300, $3,900
£2,544, €2,708, $3,200 for society members
Molecular Therapy - Nucleic Acids cover Molecular Therapy - Nucleic Acids £3,100, €3,300, $3,900
£2,544, €2,708, $3,200 for society members
Molecular Therapy - Oncolytics cover Molecular Therapy - Oncolytics £3,100, €3,300, $3,900
£2,544, €2,708, $3,200 for society members
Patterns cover Patterns £7,000, €7,600, $8,900
special introductory fee: £3,500, €3,800, $4,450
Plant Communications cover Plant Communications £1,410, €1,550, $1,800 for research, review and resource articles
£710, €790, $900 for correspondence articles
Star Protocols cover STAR Protocols £1,200, €1,300, $1,500
special introductory fee: £900, €975, $1,125
Stem Cell Reports cover Stem Cell Reports £3,000, €3,300, $3,800
£2,605, €2,866, $3,300 for society members
The Innovation cover The Innovation £3,900, €4,300, $5,000
APCs waived until 31st Dec 2022
Hybrid open access *
Cancer Cell cover Cancer Cell £7,000, €7,600, $8,900 12 months
Cell cover Cell £7,800, €8,500, $9,900 12 months
Cell Chemical Biology cover Cell Chemical Biology £7,000, €7,600, $8,900 12 months
Cell Host & Microbe cover Cell Host & Microbe £7,000, €7,600, $8,900 12 months
Cell Metabolism cover Cell Metabolism £7,000, €7,600, $8,900 12 months
Cell Stem Cell cover Cell Stem Cell £7,000, €7,600, $8,900 12 months
Cell Systems cover Cell Systems £7,000, €7,600, $8,900 12 months
Chem cover Chem £7,000, €7,600, $8,900 12 months
Chem Catalysis cover Chem Catalysis £7,000, €7,600, $8,900
special introductory fee: £5,250, €5,700, $6,675
12 months
Current Biology cover Current Biology £5,300, €5,800, $6,700 12 months
Developmental Cell cover Developmental Cell £7,000, €7,600, $8,900 12 months
Immunity cover Immunity £7,000, €7,600, $8,900 12 months
Joule cover Joule £7,000, €7,600, $8,900 12 months
Matter cover Matter £7,000, €7,600, $8,900 12 months
Med cover Med £7,000, €7,600, $8,900
special introductory fee: £5,250, €5,700, $6,675
12 months
Molecular Cell cover Molecular Cell £7,000, €7,600, $8,900 12 months
Neuron cover Neuron £7,000, €7,600, $8,900 12 months
One Earth cover One Earth £7,000, €7,600, $8,900
special introductory fee: £3,500, €3,800, $4,450
12 months
Structure cover Structure £7,000, €7,600, $8,900 12 months
Trends cover Trends review journals £5,300, €5,800, $6,700 None
Biophysical Journal cover Biophysical Journal £2,000, €2,100, $2,500 12 months
Molecular Plant cover Molecular Plant £2,400, €2,600, $3,000 for research and review articles
£1,200, €1,300, $1,500 for short papers
12 months
Molecular Therapy cover Molecular Therapy £3,100, €3,300, $3,900
£2,544, €2,708, $3,200 for society members
12 months
AJHG cover The American Journal of Human Genetics £3,900, €4,300, $5,000 6 months

* Authors of reviews, perspectives, and primers in One Earth and authors of reviews in Biophysical Journal, Molecular Plant, and Trends journals can select open access publication. For all other hybrid journals, the open access option applies only to research articles.

This posting embargo period is distinct from the press embargo discussed under Rights and sharing above. There is no posting embargo for open access papers.