Sneak Peek

Introducing Sneak Peek 2.0

We heard you. Now it’s even easier to preview Cell Press papers under review. Improved search? Done. Want to read the abstract without having to register? No problem. See a paper you want to cite? Go for it. Go on, and satisfy your curiosity. Check out Sneak Peek 2.0 today!

The publishing process is evolving and so are we. Sneak Peek 2.0 makes papers under review even easier to share and cite. It’s the next step on our journey to make pre-publication research we think is worthy of consideration freely accessible.

What is Sneak Peek?

Exciting science needs to be shared, and fast. That’s why we introduced Cell Press Sneak Peek, a preview of papers under review in our primary research journal pipeline.

Sneak Peek makes papers discoverable earlier in the publication cycle— so authors can surface their research quickly and readers can build on their work.

What's new?

Sneak Peek is now hosted on SSRN, the popular platform devoted to rapid dissemination of scholarly research.

Find easily

Improved search and easy access to abstracts without registration make it easier to browse content.

Cite earlier

DOI registration and single article links mean papers posted to Sneak Peek can be cited earlier in the publication cycle.

Author benefits

Take the fast lane

Got a paper that has been sent out for review with a Cell Press journal? Want your peers to see it sooner rather than later? 

Surface your research earlier in the publication cycle with Sneak Peek, a preview of Cell Press papers under review. 

Celebrate an important milestone and let the community know that your paper has been sent for review.

Stake your claim and accelerate science by giving colleagues the opportunity to build on your work. Go on, satisfy their curiosity!

Reader benefits

Curiously satisfying 

Wish you could see what’s out for review at Cell Press? Curious to see what your peers are up to?


Build on the work of prospective Cell Press authors with an early preview of papers out for review. With Sneak Peek you can get an early, insider’s view of research in your field and beyond. You can cross check your research with papers in our pipeline to see what’s hot and determine if you’re on to something new and original.


Inform your research and engage in the discovery process sooner rather than later. Go on, satisfy your curiosity.

  • Access the complete manuscripts
  • New manuscripts added regularly
  • Comment on, and share articles